Highest quality

Bailey Nelson glasses are created using world-class materials. Your glasses need to look great and feel comfortable, we’ve made relationships around the globe to make sure this happens.

Standard pricing includes 1.5 index, multicoat, anti-reflective and scratch resistant lenses. Locally fitted to your prescription.
3 and 5 barrell hinges ensure strength, smoothness and durability
Hand polishing ensures a beautiful finish on every pair of BN frames
The world's finest acetates sourced from around the globe. Each pair is cut from an individual sheet of acetate, ensuring no two pairs are exactly the same
  • £98 Frames including single vision optic lenses or polarised sunglass lenses.

Eyewear Styling.

When you visit our boutiques, we want you to have a good time. Our stylists are there to help you do just that and make sure you look amazing in your new glasses or sunglasses.