Optical Lens Quality

If you haven’t taken the time to read an encyclopedia about eyewear, chances are you might find the whole “choosing the right lenses” thing a bit daunting. With so much information about anti-this and multi-that, it can be hard to know where necessity finishes and extravagance begins. 

Although it’s not industry tradition, we believe essentials should be offered at no extra cost — that’s why all our optical lenses come with a multicoat as standard. Our multicoat includes:

  1. An anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from surfaces like computer screens and car headlights. This is particularly helpful with combatting eyestrain, fatigue and headaches. We also add anti-reflective coatings to the outside of our lenses to minimise visible reflections for other people. Overall, anti-reflective lenses are more comfortable, functional and better looking than standard optical lenses.

  2. An anti-scratch coating which makes our lenses harder, and as you might guess by the name — more resistant to scratches (we feel it’s important to note that nothing will protect your lenses quite like a hard case and cleaning cloth — which we also supply as standard). 

All of our boutiques offer blue control filters (works like a UV filter but targets the blue light range) along with high index lenses (for high prescriptions).

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August 19, 2016 by Lauren Johnstone
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